First Annual PHRE Retreat

Phriends – We can’t thank you enough for joining us at our first annual PHRE retreat on May 30th, 2020! We had many amazing conversations throughout the day, and over 100 people attended our public forum. We are so excited to continue moving this work forward and fight for racial equity in the scene and beyond.

A screenshot of PHRE co-chair Malcolm Howard presenting during our livestreamed Public Forum, next to a slide with PHRE's Activities/Projects
PHRE Co-chair Malcolm Howard presenting during the PHRE public panel.

If you missed it, you can watch our livestreams here:

Public Forum hosted by Jay Curley

Live music Party Time!

As part of the retreat, we were asking folks to donate to Color of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, to fund their work helping people respond effectively to injustice – a cause has always been and remains urgent. As of the end of the livestream we had raised nearly $800 for their “Voting while Black” project. If you have not given yet, please consider donating here:

And if you enjoyed the artists who played during our livestream – including Natalie CressmanHayley JaneJackie VensonNeel SinghGarrin BenfieldGordon Sterling and Andy Greenberg – please tip them!! Their information is below:

The timing of this retreat alongside protests in many major cities across the country demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade – along with the video of Amy Cooper attempting to get Christian Cooper killed by police in Central Park –  is a reminder that this work is critical. We must address racism in this country and we must start in our homes and with each other. Please sign the petitions and join in local actions where you can:

Justice for George Floyd Justice for Breonna Taylor Justice for Tony McDade

Finally, please get involved! In addition to following us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, you can email  us at to volunteer your time and talents.

We will share more information about our strategic plan and priorities for the rest of this year in the next few weeks so please reach out if you are moved to be involved with any of our projects!

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