About PHRE

Our Mission

Phans for Racial Equity (PHRE) promotes racial equity and respect for difference within the Phish and greater jamband community and beyond. 

We strive to make our scene a more welcoming space for people of all races and ethnicities, bearing in mind the many ways in which race/ethnicity intersects with gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, and other identities. 

We aim to facilitate education and thoughtful engagement, first and foremost within the Phish community, about race and its intersection with other issues; give people tools to build a more welcoming environment; and activate our community to make a positive impact on racial equity in the U.S. more broadly.

Our Goals

When PHRE is successful in fulfilling its mission:

  1. Phish / jam band fans are collectively contributing at least $100,000 every year to resource grassroots racial equity groups.  Grassroots racial equity organizations are using these additional resources provided by the jam band community to build power so that people of color take concrete steps towards achieving political and economic equality in the United States.
  1. People of color will find jam band concerts a welcoming environment in which micro-aggressions and other threats are exceedingly rare.  This will likely lead to some increased diversity at Phish or other jam band shows; but the experience of existing fans of color, not the level of diversity, is our metric of success.
  1. White Phish fans understand our joy at shows is enabled by white privilege given that police presence in our scene is intended primarily (if not exclusively) to keep us safe.
  1. The level and manifestations of “white fragility” will decrease substantially in the Phish and jam band community, setting the stage for more productive conversations on race and racism.  
  1. A steadily increasing number of white phans seek out and engage with anti-racism trainings and take on leadership in their own workplaces and communities.
  1. Working in partnership with organizations addressing issues such as consent, gender identity and sexual orientation, PHRE will help form a model for organizations aiming to make interventions in predominantly white leisure spaces and partner with academics to document and evaluate our results.  

“And silence contagious in moments like these

Consumed me and strengthened my will to appease

The passion that sparked me one terrible night

And shocked and persuaded my soul to ignite”

Phish, Rift

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