Birds of a feather: Affinity groups + partners

Mike Side Dyke Side is a way for dykes and their allies to network within the Phish community–online, at shows, and beyond. so we have more people to connect with and people can easily find allies at the shows we love ❤️

All are welcome!!! Respect for the LGBTQA community expected.

Brian Robert is a gathering place for LGBTQI Phans and their Phriends in the Phish community. The inspiration for the name comes from newsgroup discussions during Summer Tour ’98 about whether or not the song Brian and Robert was about two gay guys. We don’t think it is – we hear it’s about Brian Eno and Robert Fripp – but that was the first time we’d ever heard any gay-related conversation in the community at-large. Since then, we’ve met a few other folks like ourselves. Each of them has made basically the same point: “I know I’m not the only one, but sometimes at shows I feel that way.” That’s what is all about — recognizing that we’re not alone and that there’s no reason to ever feel a disconnect from the community as a whole.

GrooveSafe is a movement within the musical community to bring awareness about unwanted touching and sexual assault at concerts.


This is a community for Phish phans with disabilities and our allies. Any one who is interested in dismantling ableism and promoting accessibility is welcome.

Not only do they make great ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s has been contributing their voice and other resources to racial justice initiatives for years. We were happy to have them moderate our public panel at our first ever PHRE retreat.

“When we took a stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we received a massive response–mostly of overwhelming support, but also mixed with misunderstanding, sincere questions and sadly, some hatred. But one thing became clear: it started a conversation.

We invite you to join us on a journey to better understand issues of race in our country, to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism and the implicit biases that all of us carry, and to ultimately commit to what Rev. Barber called on all of us to do: join hands, and move forward together.”

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